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Who We Are

Turn-key Investments offers investors an opportunity to invest in a wide variety of investments opportunities, primarily focused on real estate. For many property investors this tends to focus on just one strategy, which is invest in a property as a landlord, generate a rental income and hopefully a capital gain when sold in the future. Turn-key Investments has access to hundreds of traditional buy-to-let properties, particularly in the UK and Australia; and owning your own property portfolio is definitely an important part of a balanced investment portfolio.

In addition to buy to let investment properties, Turn-key Investments offers numerous other real estate investment opportunities. Some of these investments offer up to 17% annualized returns over a one year’s term with interest paid on a regular basis. Other opportunities offer long term leases with up to 9% net yields with low risk due to the government being your tenant.

A balanced real estate portfolio can incorporate both short term fixed income products as well as long term rental income with excellent capital growth potential.

Real estate has typically performed well over the medium to long term, and ridden turbulent economic times much better than most other investment asset classes. Just look at how real estate performed in many countries around the world during the covid pandemic.

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Our Mission​

Turn-key Investments pioneers a revolutionary approach in real estate investment, transcending the conventional confines of buy-to-let properties. 

Our core mission is to empower investors with an unparalleled portfolio diversity, melding lucrative short-term investments with robust long-term rental strategies. 

We are the architects of your financial future, crafting investment paths that not only weather economic vicissitudes but flourish within them. Integrity, innovation, and excellence are the pillars upon which we build your investment success, ensuring a legacy of prosperity through real estate.

Our Vision

Envisioning a future where Turn-key Investments is synonymous with excellence in real estate investment, we set our sights on redefining the industry landscape. 


Our vision is to be the beacon for investors seeking not just returns, but a testament to the power of innovative and diversified investment strategies. We pledge to lead a new era of investment solutions, where each venture not only augments financial portfolios but also bolsters economic resilience globally. 


With Turn-key Investments, investors are not just participants in the market; they are pioneers in a movement towards sustainable and impactful wealth generation, anchored in the steadfast potential of real estate.

Richard Lowe

CEO of Turn-key Investments

Richard is originally from Oxford, England. Richard has lived in Asia for the last 31 years; the last 29 years have been spent in Singapore. Soon after relocating from Hong Kong, Richard was involved

with spearheading the growth of some of the largest fitness chains in SEA, such as California Fitness, Fitness First and Pure Yoga. In 2008, he moved into the real estate investment and finance

industry where he used his sales and marketing experience to help drive the growth of the companies he works with. Richard worked for global real estate companies such as IP Global, IPIN Global, Pinnacle Property Investments’ as well as Prudential in the finance industry. 

Today, Richard, the Founder and CEO of Turn-key Investments is helping clients to grow their property and

investment portfolios, combing both traditional as well as alternative investment opportunities to offer diversification in an ever changing and complex world.


Jesusa Lucena

Executive Assistant

Jesusa Lucena is a dynamic and dedicated professional with a diverse career trajectory that showcases her adaptability and commitment to excellence. With a foundation rooted in education, Jesusa embarked on her professional journey as a licensed teacher, dedicating three years to shaping young minds in a prestigious Catholic school in the Philippines. Her passion for imparting knowledge and her commitment to student success made her a cherished figure within the academic community.


In 2013, Jesusa embraced a new challenge by entering the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, a testament to her versatility and eagerness to grow. Her journey through the BPO sector was marked by significant achievements, as she adeptly transitioned from customer service roles to more complex responsibilities within order and project management teams. Her ability to adapt and excel in various roles underscored her problem-solving skills and her commitment to delivering exceptional results.


The year 2019 marked a pivotal point in Jesusa’s career when she ventured into freelancing, an endeavor that allowed her to explore new horizons and further diversify her skill set. Her initial role as an appointment setter in the real estate industry was just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Demonstrating remarkable drive and expertise, she quickly evolved into a telemarketer, where her communication skills and perseverance shone brightly.


Today, Jesusa is proud to serve as one of the executive assistants to Richard Lowe, a role that reflects her professional growth and her ability to excel in diverse environments. Her journey from education to the BPO sector and now to a significant position in the real estate industry exemplifies her resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to professional development.


Jesusa’s journey is a testament to her multifaceted talents and her dedication to excelling in every aspect of her career. Her diverse experiences have not only shaped her into a versatile professional but also into a resilient individual who embraces change and thrives in dynamic environments.


Marvin Clamor

Executive Assistant

Marvin embarked on his BPO journey in 2011, joining Verizon Business. With his innate leadership and technical acumen, he quickly rose to become a Subject Matter Expert. Known for his collaborative spirit, Marvin was later promoted to Sublead for a Test and Install team.

Guiding his team with a blend of expertise and empathy, Marvin fostered an environment where everyone could thrive. His dedication and humility earned him admiration from colleagues and superiors alike. Beyond titles and achievements, Marvin’s story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the workplace.

In 2020, Marvin Clamor felt a pull for change. He decided to venture into new territory and became a virtual assistant for Richard Lowe’s real estate venture, Turnkey Investment. This shift was both thrilling and daunting for Marvin, but he embraced it wholeheartedly.

From the comfort of his home, Marvin wore many hats. He assisted with administrative duties, dialed numbers as a telemarketer, and even dabbled in graphics design and web development for the team.

Through this journey, Marvin not only discovered new skills but also found fulfillment in helping the Turnkey Investment team thrive. It wasn’t just a job—it was a chance for growth and connection in an ever-evolving virtual landscape.

Investing on Solid Ground to Secure Your Future

Richard Lowe