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Turn-key Investments offers investors an opportunity to invest in a wide variety of investments opportunities, primarily focused on real estate. For many property investors this tends to focus on just one strategy, which is invest in a property as a landlord, generate a rental income and hopefully a capital gain when sold in the future. Turn-key Investments has access to hundreds of traditional buy-to-let properties, particularly in the UK and Australia; and owning your own property portfolio is definitely an important part of a balanced investment portfolio.

Our Services

Fixed Income
Property Bond

12% to 17% Annualized Returns

UK Government
Backed Social Housing

9% Net Yield

Private Equity Developments

15% Annualized Returns

Traditional Buy to Let Investment Properties

Starts with £50k

Our Mission

Turn-key Investments pioneers a revolutionary approach in real estate investment, transcending the conventional confines of buy-to-let properties. 


Our core mission is to empower investors with an unparalleled portfolio diversity, melding lucrative short-term investments with robust long-term rental strategies. 


We are the architects of your financial future, crafting investment paths that not only weather economic vicissitudes but flourish within them. Integrity, innovation, and excellence are the pillars upon which we build your investment success, ensuring a legacy of prosperity through real estate.

Our Vision

Envisioning a future where Turn-key Investments is synonymous with excellence in real estate investment, we set our sights on redefining the industry landscape. 

Our vision is to be the beacon for investors seeking not just returns, but a testament to the power of innovative and diversified investment strategies. We pledge to lead a new era of investment solutions, where each venture not only augments financial portfolios but also bolsters economic resilience globally. 

With Turn-key Investments, investors are not just participants in the market; they are pioneers in a movement towards sustainable and impactful wealth generation, anchored in the steadfast potential of real estate.

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Data is supporting an early indication that the UK property market is showing the early signs of rebounding. With inflation rapidly declining and mortgage rates starting to reduce; buyers are returning to the UK property market, which is chronically undersupplied.

Join our webinar on 30th May at 8pm Singapore time to find out if now is a good time to invest in UK property. 

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